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Dredge pump impellers

HK International a market leading specialist in designing, engineering and manufacturing of dredge pumps and dredge pump spare parts, such as dredge pump impellers.

Having our own team of designers, innovative engineers and state of the art production facility in China, we can offer high performance dredge pump impellers that meet your exact needs and requirements, up to 2.60 meter in diameter. The material of the impeller is adjusted to your field of working. Did you know that our engineers can also optimize your current dredge impeller design?


Dredge pump impellers
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Can I receive a fast quote for a dredge pump impeller?

Certainly. Please visit our contact page and contact us using the contact form or give us a call if you want to talk to one of our specialists immediately.


Does HK International design custom pump impellers?

Absolutely. The core business of HK International is engineering custom dredge pump solutions. We engineer, design and develop dredge pump impellers that meet all needs.


Does HK International offer worldwide delivery and installation?

Absolutely. HK International can deliver and install your dredge pump impeller on any location on the planet. We offer full logistical service and have our specialized lifting tools enabling us to safely handle your equipment and bring all your parts on board.


Can HK upgrade my existing dredge pump?

Yes. HK International can maximize the lifespan and output of your dredge pump significantly, by replacing your impeller with a modern state of the art version that boosts performance, without changing any fitting parameters or connections. These parts are delivered worldwide.


How fast can you deliver dredge pump impellers?

Fast. We offer full inhouse engineering services and have our own state of the art production facility in China, consisting of 16 furnaces and a total casting capacity of 96 tons. We are ready for any project.


Does HK International produce dredge pumps impellers?

Yes. HK International has it’s own inhouse production facility in China. Having 16 furnaces (total casting capacity of 96 tons) and our own state of the art machine park we are ready for any project. Ready to request a quote for your dredge pump impeller?


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HK International designs, engineers and produces dredging pumps, spare parts for dredging vessels and all necessary components. We offer these parts off the shelf and can design custom solutions. For this we offer our specialised engineering services. With our large production department we can design, engineer and produce any part you need.


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    HK International is the global leading specialist in dredging equipment. We are able to serve clients across the globe from our offices based in The Netherlands and China. Contact us via the contact form for information and advice. Our engineers will gladly provide you with the best solution for your project.