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Maintenance program

A good maintenance plan saves time and costs. HK International offers a complete maintenance program. Our maintenance program contains all components needed, such as training, inspections and refurbishment. The service team of engineers, pump technicians and dredging superintendents can assist in extending the lifetime and operation efficiency of your complete pumping system. HK International can consult on timeframes for inspection and maintenance, help with troubleshooting and give advice on what necessary spare parts to keep on board. We aim at keeping your dredging installation in perfect working conditions.


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FAQ about our dredge maintenance services

Does HK International offer global maintenance service?

Yes. With our branches in The Netherlands and China we are strategically positioned to offer you the best possible maintenance services no matter where your operation is based.


Does HK International supply spare parts?

Yes. We manufacture all regular dredging vessel spare parts equipment in-house, both custom and off the shelve.


What kind of equipment does HK International maintain?

From dredge pumps to nozzles and from piping to wear plates; HK International offers you complete dredge vessel mainenance services that are focussed on reducing costs while maximising the uptime of your operation.


Can I upgrade my dredge pump?

Yes. HK International can upgrade existing pumps or provide sets of wear parts. Old pumps can be upgraded to a more efficient pump design without changing any fitting parameters or the connections. These parts are delivered worldwide.

How fast can you deliver spare parts?

Delivery times are the fastest, but dependent on the delivery location and the type of product. We produce all our products inhouse. Whenever your desired product is not available in stock, we produce it at our production center in China. From here your parts are shipped.

Does HK International produce dredge pumps?

Yes. All engineering and production of dredge pumps is done in-house by the experts of HK International. This makes it possible to optimally match the requirements of your specific project. We design dredge pumps with an inlet size ranging from 750mm to 1200mm. The pumps can be single-walled for submerged use or to save weight, or double-walled for inboard use and higher pressure. We design pumps optimized for all common types of dredging, such as high-capacity pumps for hoppers or high pressure pumps for CSDs with long delivery pipelines.

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Global dredge pump services

HK International designs, engineers and produces dredging pumps, spare parts for dredging vessels and all necessary components. We offer these parts off the shelf and can design custom solutions. For this we offer our specialised engineering services. With our large production department we can design, engineer and produce any part you need.


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    HK International is the global leading specialist in dredging equipment. We are able to serve clients across the globe from our offices based in The Netherlands and China. Contact us via the contact form for information and advice. Our engineers will gladly provide you with the best solution for your project.