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Dredge buckets

HK International designs, engineers and produces a broad range of (custom) dredging components. In addition to our two standard models of dredge buckets for picking up sand and rocks, we can manufacture fully custom dredge buckets at our inhouse modern production facility in China. The production team of HK International bases the casting of a dredge bucket on an existing drawing and offers cutting edge on site 3D measuring to make the drawing fully in accordance with your situation. Our inhouse foundry produces perfect dredge buckets, within tolerances.


Dredge buckets
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FAQ about dredge buckets

What do dredge buckets cost?

HK International delivers both standard models and fully custom designed and manufactured dredge buckets. We tailor our quotes to meet your specific needs. Feel free te contact us for a fast and competitive quote.


Can HK International engineer dredge buckets?

Absolutely. The experienced engineer team of HK International can both custom engineer- or back engineer almost all kinds of dredge buckets, meeting exact specifications. We produce your dredge buckets at our state of the art production facility in China.


How about global delivery and installation?

HK International can deliver your dredge buckets at any geographical location worldwide, onshore or offshore. We also have our own team of professional mechanics at your disposal for professional on-site installation.


Can HK International offer the best quote?

Yes. Because we manage the full proces inhouse (from engineering to manufacturing), this gives us a great competitive edge. All our quotes a tailored to meet your exact needs, nothing more and nothing less.


How fast can HK International dredge buckets?

Very fast! In addition to our stock dredge buckets, we also produce custom dredge buckets inhouse. We are very proud of our state of the art production facility in China, consisting of 16 furnaces and a state of the art machine shop. This allows us to produce and deliver your dredge buckets very fast.


Does HK International produce dredge buckets?

Absolutely. We are very proud of our state of the art production facility in China. We produce all dredging equipment inhouse at our own facilities.


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HK International designs, engineers and produces dredging pumps, spare parts for dredging vessels and all necessary components. We offer these parts off the shelf and can design custom solutions. For this we offer our specialised engineering services. With our large production department we can design, engineer and produce any part you need.


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    HK International is the global leading specialist in dredging equipment. We are able to serve clients across the globe from our offices based in The Netherlands and China. Contact us via the contact form for information and advice. Our engineers will gladly provide you with the best solution for your project.