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Reverse engineering with 3D scanning

HK International requires a drawing of the component you want to get casted. If there are no drawings available, our dedicated casting team is pleased to visit your site or dredger in order to carry out 3D scans of the required components. This warrants that the components you order are of the same quality, or even better, as the components you are currently using. Furthermore, reverse engineering with 3D scanning enables us to improve your existing components to improve performance and the lifetime of your equipment.


3D scanning
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FAQ about 3D scanning

Can I sent my part to HK International for 3D scanning?

Yes you can. We can reproduce any dredging vessel part you need at our location. Please contact us and we will provide you with all the details.


Does HK International offer on-site 3D scanning?

Definitely. We provide this service globally. Our team of engineers can visite your site an make advanced 3D scans of your dredging equipment without disturbing production. Please contact us and find out about all possibilities:


What does 3D scanning cost?

That is very hard to say without knowing if the scanning will take place aboard your vessel or at our own facilities, for example. Would you be so kind to contact us? Our experts can provide you with an immediate indication of the costs or a detailled quote.


How fast can you provide 3D scanning services?

Very fast. The 3D scanning is performed with our own equipment and by our very own team of engineers. Wether on site or at our location, our team of engineers can assist you on very short notice.


Can HK International produce the part I need after scanning?

Most certainly. We are very proud of our state of the art manufacturing facility in China, consisting of over 16 furnaces and a cutting edge machine shop. We can produce any kind of dredging vessel equipment you need inhouse at our own facilities.


Why should i choose HK International for 3D scanning?

Because we are fast, offer 3D scanning of the highest quality, have decades of experience and can also produce the part inhouse. Moreover, we can perform this services at prices that are unmatched in the market today.


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Global dredge pump services

HK International designs, engineers and produces dredging pumps, spare parts for dredging vessels and all necessary components. We offer these parts off the shelf and can design custom solutions. For this we offer our specialised engineering services. With our large production department we can design, engineer and produce any part you need.


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