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Dredge pump wear plates

HK International offers reliable high-quality dredge pumps wear plates for virtually any kind of dredging vessel. Our dredge pump wear plates are made of cutting edge wear-resistant materials. Therefore, they have a long-lasting lifetime and reduce maintenance costs. HK International, with branches in The Netherlands and China, produces all dredge pump wear plates inhouse, ensuring you the best possible value offering and fastest delivery times.


Dredge pump wear plates
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FAQ about dredge pump wear plates

What does a dredge pump wear plate cost?

We would kindly like to ask you to contact us for a quote so we can calculate this fast for you, taking in account all specifications, shipment and perhaps other services like installation.

HK International is well known for it’s competitive pricing. Having the advantage of executing the full proces (from desing to manufacturing) inhouse, gives us a major edge over competitors.


Does HK design wear plates inhouse?

Yes. HK International has a very experiencied team of engineers inhouse. Our specialists can literaly design any kind of dredge pump wear plates.


Global delivery and installation?

Certainly. HK International can deliver your dredge pump wear plates to any location in the world, onshore and offshore.

We also offer global installation services of dredge pump wear plates, taking care of the full logistical process for you as well.


Can HK International upgrade other parts?

Yes. HK International can upgrade existing pumps or provide sets of wear parts. Old pumps can be upgraded to a more efficient pump design without changing any fitting parameters or the connections. These parts are delivered worldwide.


How fast can you deliver dredge pump wear plates?

Fast! HK International has it’s own state of the art production facility in China, with over 16 furnaces and a cutting edge machine park. Because we also have our own engineering department, we are able to produce dredge pump spare plates tailored to your specifications very fast.


Does HK International produce parts?

Yes. All engineering and production of dredge pumps is done inhouse by the expert team of HK International. Having our own state of the art production facility with foundry (16 furnaces) and cutting edge machine park, gives us a major advantage over our competitors.


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HK International from The Netherlands is a well established brand in the exciting landscape of professional dredging. From our start in 2007 we have supplied many industry leading companies with first class dredging equipment, reducing costs whilst increasing operational uptime.


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