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HK International has decades of experience in designing and producing double walled pipes for dredging vessels. Focussing on wear-resistance, perfect service and cost reduction, HK International has grown into a leading global supplier on dredge piping. At our state of the art in-house production facility, all double walled dredge pipes can be designed and produced according to your exact specific needs and requirements. HK International engineers and produces straight double walled pipes, bends, Y-branches and T-pieces.


Double walled piping
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FAQ about double walled piping

What do doubled walled pipes cost?

Would you be so kind to contact us? We would love to calculate this exactely for you so we can offer you the best possible quote, tailored to your needs and requirements.

HK International is well-known in the market for offering excellent quality at competative prices. Because we manage the full process inhouse (from production to manufacturing and delivery), we have an edge over many of our competitors.

Can HK International design custom piping?

Certainly. Our experienced team of designers and engineers can be of service to you. Using the latest technology and development techniques, we can create or recreate all double walled piping forms, shapes and sizes with incredible precision.


Does HK International deliver globally?

Absolutely. We deliver double walled piping to any geographical location worldwide, taking care of the full logistical proces for you. If required, our team of mechanics can install the doubled walled piping set-up professionaly aboard your vessel.


Are the double walled pipes wear-resistant?

They are the best you can get. We execute the full production process inhouse and have a deep understanding of the dredging industry and your needs. Feel free to contact us and talk directely to one of our engineers:


How fast can you deliver double walled pipes?

Very fast! Off course the exact delivery time depends upon your specifications, requirements an geographical location, but no one in the market can deliver faster than HK International.

That is because we manage the full process inhouse. From designing to engineering, and from manufacturing to professional services like installation.

Does HK International produce double walled piping?

Most certainly. We are very proud of our state of the art production facility in China, consisting of our own foundry (16 furnaces) and a cutting edge machine park. We are also proud on the fact that this gives us a major competitive edge, allowing us to offer you the best value offers.


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HK International designs, engineers and produces dredging pumps, spare parts for dredging vessels and all necessary components. We offer these parts off the shelf and can design custom solutions. For this we offer our specialised engineering services. With our large production department we can design, engineer and produce any part you need.


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    HK International is the global leading specialist in dredging equipment. We are able to serve clients across the globe from our offices based in The Netherlands and China. Contact us via the contact form for information and advice. Our engineers will gladly provide you with the best solution for your project.