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HK International, global specialist in dredging equipment, is established in Almere, the Netherlands, in 2007. Since then, HK International is specialized in designing, engineering and producing dredging equipment. We manufacture inboard and submerged dredging pumps and components, such as ball joints, liners, impellers, casings, cutter heads, suction mouths, et cetera. These parts can be used in a wide range of markets and applications, such as the dredging industry, harbor operations, and marine, offshore and land reclamation projects. HK International offers products of the shelf and custom-made solutions.

HK international services clients worldwide. With an office located in the Netherlands and an office and the production center located in China, HK International can deliver dredging equipment all around the world. Our foundry offers large production capacity, paired with decennia of experience in supplying specialized, high-quality dredging equipment. Therefore, HK International is able to provide you with the best equipment and the best solution for your specific project.

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